Water Cycle Rap Song


Water Cycle Rap Song


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Singing about Science and Nature
Song, Roots, Stems, Leaves, No Bones Within, I’m a Tree, Water Cycle Boogie, Decomposition,. Ecology, Nature Rap, Everything Needs a Home and more...

Starflower's Experiences
A rap song ("the Trashasaurus Chorus") teaches that some ways to help the... This presentation will help students: 1) understand the water cycle,...

Video- Download and watch the video (Water Cycle- draw a diagram of the water ... Students create a game or a rap song to illustrate what can happen when...

Novice Hydrosphere Activities
Project 1: Make a mobile or diagram of the water cycle using the following... Create a poem, rap, song about water. Show 3 ways to use water...

Water Cycle Unit, Culminating Activity
Concept being taught:The Water Cycle - Water vapor moves between the earth's... Examples: chart, song, simulated journal entry, skit, rap, poem, dance,...

Water Cycle Rap Song
Water Cycle Rap Song


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